【rfactor2】 “Rally Pacenote Plugin” Manual of Convert Language Pack

【rfactor2】 “Rally Pacenote Plugin” Manual of Convert Language Pack
1. popular tool for RBR. may be you know “dattool”.
download and unpack files. you need only exe file.

2. go to RBR folder. may be “C:\Program Files\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally”.
you may see audio.dat file. that’s the one.

3. drag and drop “audio.dat” file into dattool.exe.
then starting unpack.

4. after the finish unpacking audio.dat files.
you can see “Audio” folder in “C:\Program Files\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally”.

5. convert “.ogg” to “.wav”.
cause Pacenote Plugin dose’nt support ogg format.

6. download freac from http://www.freac.org/

7. and execute tool.

8. choose selected encoder “Windows Wave File Output”

9. and drug all of “.ogg file ” from C:\Games\Richard Burns Rally\Audio\Game\
-may be 4 “.ogg” files –
and click Start encoding. you can get wave file for “1 2 3 go!”.

10. next step.drug all of “.ogg file ” from C:\Games\Richard Burns Rally\Audio\Speech\PaceNote.
-may be 100 or 101 “.ogg” files –

11. done. make Language Pack.
folder shoud be like this. you need only 2 folders of wave files.
-game\ * “1. 2. 3 go!”
-Speech\PaceNote\   * “100, 200, keep left, right, K left, etc…”
examle – game folder

examle – Speach\Pacenote folder

12. put Languagepack into Pacenote Plugin folder. thats it.

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